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Bringing hand-picked Italian specimens to Suffolk

Pete visited our Italian Supplier and used his keen eye to hand-pick a large amount of the interesting and amazing specimens which you will see in our garden centre today, and we will have another delivery in November and another in February, we’ve included a picture of the exact nursery he visits annually. The 70 year old olive trees in our recent delivery have added instant wow-factor to our outside area and are sure to make a statement in the gardens of their future owners. Photinia, Hollies, Spiral Conifers, Monkey Puzzle Trees and Ligustrum shrubs pruned into clouds and pom-poms also make eye-catching additions to the garden and are available right now. Come in and have a browse, Pete and his team will be more than happy to give advice on these interesting specimens and any other gardening matter!

Above: Some of the beautiful specimens available in the garden centre.

Below: The Italian nursery Pete peruses every year to bring you the best plants


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