Gender Equality has a new Champion - this Xmas let your Cave Person do the bird on the BBQ

At Christmas you’ve got the whole tribe to feed - and you could do with some help.  So a solution: buy your cave person a Kamado Joe Ceramic Egg BBQ from Marlows Home & Garden.

Its cool, its red, it cooks to perfection - this is a serious of a piece of kit.  South Africans do it, Aussies do it - BBQ your turkey this Christmas.

You don’t even need to stand outside poking and prodding as its a slow easy cook allowing you to do other Christmas stuff - relax with the family, watch that Christmas TV show  ......hang on is this for your partner or you?

Come in-store to see the Kamado Joe Ceramic Egg BBQ - advice on hand for all wannabe cave people.

Chefs love it - a new way of looking at home cooking.  Outsource the bird and have time for the things that really matter this Christmas - especially your other half.

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